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Direct Primary Care (DPC):

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What is DPC?

DPC allows for direct contracting for services between physicians (or other healthcare providers) and individual patients. Insurance is not accepted in the DPC model. This allows for many features and benefits that are not available in an insurance-based, fee-for-service practice. DPC allows physicians to maintain small patient panels, which allow for more time and attention to be dedicated to each patient. This promotes the doctor-patient relationship and facilitates the delivery of personalized care.


Our DPC membership includes the following features: 

Same and next-day appointments guaranteed. 

  • Unpressured appointments, which begin on time and last the time necessary to allow for thorough evaluation and care. 

  • Telephone, email, text access to the physician. Many issues can be resolved without a visit and instead can be handled via electronic communications. 

  • After-hours and weekend access to the physician via phone or text. 

  • Home visits (available within a 20-mile radius; only available for acutely ill, or homebound patients, deemed appropriate for a home visit by the physician). 

  • All routine office procedures (joint injections, EKG, point-of-care ultrasound, sutures, splints, wart/ skin lesion removal or destruction, breathing tests (spirometry), abscess drainage, strep tests, urinalysis etc....) are included in the membership and visit fees, which are simple, transparent, and easy to understand. 

  • Mental health and addiction medication management is included. This includes Suboxone, Sublocade, Vivitrol treatments. 

  • Significant discounts on labs and imaging services. 

  • Medications dispensed onsite at near wholesale prices (no controlled substances).  Often the prices are less than can be found at most pharmacies, using a discount card. 

  • A comprehensive annual visit with an individualized wellness plan. 

Our DPC membership does not include:

  • Pregnancy care.

  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment.

  • Care provided by specialists, or other clinicians not employed by our clinic. 

  • Legal work, depositions, etc. 

  • Vaccines 

  • Services beyond the scope of primary care/ family practice (such as hospitalization, emergency department care, specialty care). 

  • Fees charged by outside vendors (such as labs or imaging centers), though often discounts may apply. 

How much does it cost?

  • Individual- $150 per month or a discounted rate of $1,375 per 12 months if paid annually. 

  • Family (parents and children or other family members who live in the same home)- $200 per month or a discounted rate of $1,875 per 12 months if paid annually. 

  • No sign up or visit fees for any appointments except medication assisted treatment of addiction. 

  • Medication assisted treatment of addiction- $35 fee per visit (in addition to the membership fee).



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DPC explained 

by Dr Rosenberg

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