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Thank you for your interest in our clinic, Lotus Direct Care, located in Mequon, Wisconsin. We are accepting new patients, you can click here to sign up or to schedule a follow up visit. Please find additional information about our clinic below.

About our clinic:

We are a small family owned and operated clinic. As such, we take pride in and enjoy providing the best possible service to each patient we see. We are extremely easy to get a hold of and we offer a texting app, where you can reach us and the doctor anytime. This often reduces the need to come in to be seen as many simple issues can be addressed by contacting the doctor or staff through the app. If the doctor needs to see you, video calls and phone calls are an option. 

We do not take insurance and operate on a monthly or discounted annual membership basis. We guarantee same or next day appointments for our members; except when the doctor is on vacation or out of town, in which case you will be given advance notice via email. Even if the doctor is out of town, you will be able to reach him via our messaging app. More information regarding pricing and services can be found here. We offer free specialist e-consults and discounted labs, imaging, and medications, which are dispensed onsite. 

The medical approach of our clinic puts evidence-based interventions first. We provide conventional medication-based treatment of chronic and acute conditions, but also address root causes of disease using a unique, systems-based approach, called functional medicine.


Functional medicine often uses dietary and lifestyle interventions to reduce the reliance on medications and address the root causes of disease. Functional medicine looks at antecedents, triggers, and mediators of disease; it evaluates the body as a dynamic system wherein all parts are interconnected in form and function. The goal is to restore optimal function by addressing root causes, not only treating symptoms or downstream effects of disease. Functional medicine looks upstream at how disease occurs and starts to work from there. Sometimes both approaches are needed simultaneously and that is okay. Our clinic can address both the downstream effects using a conventional approach, while working to uncover and heal the deeper, upstream causes with nutrition, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle modification. 


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