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One of the most common chronic health conditions affecting the United States population is diabetes, which can significantly undermine your quality of life. If you have diabetes or early signs of the disease, Aaron Rosenberg, MD, at Lotus Direct Care in Mequon, Wisconsin, can help. Dr. Rosenberg provides comprehensive support and regular health checks for people with diabetes to minimize complications and prolong active life. Get prompt, expert diabetes treatment by calling Lotus Direct Care or use the online form to book an appointment today.

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Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?


Diabetes is a disease that's becoming increasingly common in the United States, causing long-term health issues and potentially premature death in more than 34 million people. A further 88 million have a condition called prediabetes that, without treatment, can develop into diabetes.

The root cause of diabetes is a hormone imbalance that interferes with your ability to process sugars in your blood. Some people have an autoimmune disorder that destroys the cells in their pancreas that produce the hormone insulin. That form of the condition is type 1 diabetes, which usually starts early in life and can cause dramatic health problems.

Far more common is type 2 diabetes, which mainly develops in people who are overweight or obese, have a poor diet, and don't exercise enough.

With type 2 diabetes, your pancreas continues to make insulin. However, it's either producing too little insulin, or your body has lost the ability to make use of the insulin you make.

Why is diabetes such a problem?


Diabetes can have considerable adverse effects on your health. It increases your risk of several life-threatening diseases and other serious conditions, including:

  • Kidney failure

  • Lower limb amputation

  • Blindness

  • Coronary artery disease

  • Heart attack

  • Stroke

  • Peripheral neuropathy

  • Depression

  • Dementia

Diabetes can also cause a range of issues like skin problems and an increased risk of infection.

What can I do about my diabetes?


If you have type 1 diabetes, there's nothing you could have done to prevent it, and there is no cure. However, you can manage the condition and lead a long, active life with a carefully controlled medication program.

Type 2 diabetes is often preventable, and prediabetes is reversible. Making changes to your lifestyle, including eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly, can make a significant difference, and weight loss is essential. Lotus Direct Care can help with their weight loss program.

What treatment might I need for diabetes?


For more advanced type 2 diabetes, you might need to take medications that help adjust the insulin and blood sugar balance. Injected medication might be necessary in severe cases.

Lotus Direct Care uses evidence-based guidelines to manage diabetes and the most up-to-date treatments. They also work with you on nutritional and lifestyle issues to reverse the course of your diabetes and carry out regular blood sugar and health checks to monitor your condition.

You can reverse early-stage diabetes, and optimize your health with careful management of more advanced diabetes. Find out how by calling Lotus Direct Care or book an appointment online today.

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